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Columbarium of Eternal Peace

For a more traditional niche, the Columbarium of Eternal Peace is a serene and restful area conveniently located just to the east of our funeral home entrance. This section provides a comfortable setting for family and friends to remember loved ones.



The Ossuary

OssuaryLocated adjacent to the River of Life, the Ossuary is an underground burial chamber for cremated remains. The cremated remains are co-mingled with memorialization achieved with a bronze memorial on our Memorial Wall, allowing for a lasting remembrance locally if burial has taken place elsewhere or in our Ossuary.

Memorial Wall

Our Memorial Wall allows for a lasting remembrance locally if burial has taken place elsewhere or in our Ossuary. A customized bronze plaque on our Memorial Wall pays tribute to loved ones in an honorable way.

Veterans Pavilion of Honor

Veterans Pavilion of HonorAt the Pavilion of Honor, veterans and their family members are honored for their service to our country. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are all represented with individual column niches and flags. Services, as well as military honors, can be conducted at the Pavilion of Honor.

Circle of Honor

The Circle of Honor provides in-ground burial of cremated remains around the perimeter of the Pavilion of Honor. This area of our cemetery is available for all members of the community, not only veterans and their families.

River of Life

The River of Life features memorial rocks, column niches, estate monuments and private estates—all surrounded by the tranquility of a waterfall and pond.

Garden of Roses

The Garden of Roses is a calming oasis among fragrant blooms and fountains featuring a column niche, memorial rocks, private estates and estate monuments.

Private Estate Property

Private estate property is located in the River of Life and Rose Garden. Monuments can be placed on an estate or in several of our burial sections.