Pre-Planning & Grief Guide

"Is this what they would have wanted?"


This question is all too common with families that come to plan a funeral at Camino del Sol.


The truth is that there are over 125 questions that need to be answered in the first 35 hours of someone's passing. Do we really want to burden our family with this type of pressure at such an emotional and stressful time in their lives? Pre-planning your final wishes relieves your family from this burden. It let's them focus on what is really important at such a time, celebrating your life!


We understand that considering your final wishes can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have created our Pre-Planning and Grief Guide. It is a wonderful resource to help you jump-start the process of making your final arrangements. It explores such topics as what to consider when making final arrangements, legal issues to consider and it contains a listing of websites and organizations to contact for information and assistance.


Click the link below to review the guide for yourself and please feel free stop by our Advanced Planning office to pick up a copy for yourself!


Camino del Sol's Pre-Planning and Grief Guide